Azure App Service updates includes new cost-saving options, Windows container support, GitHub Actions Integration

Ronald Mariah · September 23, 2020

Updates to the Azure App Service managed platform for building, deploying and scaling web apps include new price points, an updated Premium offering, support for Windows Containers, a new multinetwork App Service Environment and integration with GitHub Actions.

  • Reserved Instance (RI) commitment discounts are now available for App Service for the first time. Customers can save 35% with a one-year commitment and 55% with a three-year commitment, compared to pay-as-you-go rates. We are also extending our dev/test pricing discounts to App Service Premium plans, making it more affordable to build and test workloads that require VNet connectivity.
  • App Service Premium (V3) Plan leverages the latest Azure VM hardware to deliver improved performance and better scalability. This offering includes more powerful 2, 4 and 8 core options with memory stretching up to 32GB to better support large, enterprise web applications and content management systems. Offered at a 20% discount versus comparable PV2 configurations, this is our most performant and cost competitive offering to date; when combined with RI offers, customers can achieve savings up to 69%.
  • Windows Containers general availability is included in the App Service Premium (V3) plan. Starting Oct. 1, it will be available in more regions and updated with full support for regional network integration, Private Link and Managed Server Identity. Customers can now lift and shift a wide variety of .NET framework applications with complex legacy configurations and OS dependencies and take advantage of the fully managed features of App Service.
  • Isolated v2 Plan, available in public preview in October, features a simplified deployment experience that enables an isolated app hosting environment for customers to run their most sensitive web workloads. This is a single tenant system with no public internet dependencies in the customer’s network. The environment allows customers to customize their workload security while Azure secures the infrastructure dedicated to that workload. By removing the per-instance stamp fee in Isolated v2, we’ve reduced deployment costs for customers by as much as 80% compared to Isolated v1 plans.
  • GitHub Actions integration with App Service makes it easy for developers to run an automated workflow whenever there is a new pull request, commit or other event in their GitHub code repository. The integration enables a user to go to the App Service Deployment Center and follow on-screen, step-by-step instructions to set up a native continuous integration and continuous deployment workflow.
  • Java Tomcat support in the Azure App Service Migration Assistant tool, in public preview, means Java apps running on Tomcat web server can now be discovered, assessed and migrated to Azure App Service on Windows or Linux. The Migration Assistant tool performs a detailed assessment and walks customers through the migration process.

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